Air Max 94

Air Max 94: A Complete Buyer Guide

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No doubt Air Max 94 is wonderful sneaker released by Nike as always. When we talk about the sneakers by Nike, we already know what a premium product we are going to have. Are You’re interested in Buying Air Max 94, if yes then this guide is for you. Lets look out what actually getting when You consider AM94.

Buying Air Max 94 means providing extra comfort to your feet. You know AM94 has installed Nike Air Technology, the identity of Air Max is having a presurized urethane filled pouches embedded in the midsole. Replacing the traditional foam with air bags provide extra cushioning to feet, while reducing the shoe weight as well.

History about Air Max 94:

Dont worry I’m not going to bore you with stone age stories, but do you wonder how did it start? I mean how Nike has Air Technology for cushioning. About 1980, Frank Rudy an aeronautical engineer first captured the high density urethane gas. He presented Nike the concept of cushioning midsole while reducing the weight. Today Air Max is one of the most popular sneaker around the globe.

Fun fact: For really it was called Air Max2 CB 94 because it had AM2 (air max squared) technology. In 1994, the box had written Air max 2 CB 94, while Eastbay referred a superscript 2. But the number got dropped & added. Anyways consider its original name as AM 2 CB 94.

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About Air Max CB 94:

The latest model of Nike AM CB 94 sun was released on May 1st 2022 at the retail price of $160. Designed by Tracy Teague having cool & classy look, premium quality manufacturing and true to sizing made AM 94 popular among sneaker enthusiasts. Those who own it know shoe offer value and worth of money.

Overall the model has upper premium leather throughout having a black, purple, orange accent. The Air Max technology installed in midsole can be seen from the sides.

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Air Max CB is low top styling, although the breathable upper is made up with premium leather with exceptional craftsmanship.


Outer sole is made up with premium quality rubber while having super air cushioning technology installed in mid sole.

AM 94 Retro:

Air Max 94 CB Suns:

AM CB 94 sun is available in different colorways such as AM 94 “Suns” having color combination of white+black+purple+orange released on May 1, 2022.

Air Max 94 White:

Another model AM 94 “Cool Grey” have grey+white color combination released on 2021.

One of most favorite AM 94 “USA” released back in May 5th, 2021. It has the amazing color combinations of white+black+gym red.

On otherhand February 1, 2021, there was also a release of Charles Barkley’s classic AM CB 94 OG. It has the color combination pure white with black and purple.

Air Max 94 Black:

The release of triple black AM 94 was on 2020. It has black upper, black outsole, midsole even the laces are black.


AM 94 goes true to size, but if you feel stuck to usual size or have a healthier foot, go with a 0.5 size more.

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Is there an Air Max 94?

Yes Nike released the AM 94 in 1994 with Air squared technology installed. Furthermore untill now there’s few retros avalaible and released since then, such as CB suns, cool grey, OG, USA and triple black.

Are Air Max 90’s still in style?

Yes, they are still in style even after 30 years. Because of their futuristic designs, comfort and colorways they will never go out of style, after all they are already ahead of time.

When did the Air Max 94 come out?

The Nike AM 94 first released in 1994, after that its has a retro in 2015. There was another retro of cool grey, USA, OG in 2021. Another release of AM 94 is expected on 1st May, 2022.


Above we discussed the Nike AM CB 94 very briefly. Along we have tried to cover about the premium material, shoe quality & durability and its colorways. Nike AM 94 is one of the sexiest style and of course my favorite.

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