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Chicago Jordan 1: “Reimagined 2022” Why are still popular?

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Those who are aficionados, will understand how popular is Chicago Jordan 1. Fans are crazy to reimagine Chicago Jordan on 29th of October 2022, but Why? Because they are truly unique & stylish footwear unlike orhers, they become must-have sneakers. Their popularity is high because of its status quo, comfort and fashion statement.

History of Chicago Air Jordan:

A sneaker ranking in top position was not the game of days. One can say Chicago Jordan 1 was existed, when sneaker industry don’t? Or you can say sneaker industry wasn’t that big like today. Its been many years as Air Jordan made its presence & status.

Chicago Jordan 1 1985:

Back in 1985, Peter Moore released the Air Jordan 1 Chicago at price of $65. Along with iconic release of colorways including Air Jordan 1 Royal. Moreover Air Jordan Metallic, Air Jordan Black Toe and more. Whereas all were failed, only the one Air Jordan 1 Chicago, which manages to stand above all. Even it wasn’t the first Jordan wore by Michelle Jordan at court.

Additionally in 1994, Chicago Air Jordan came up with retro rendition, having Nike Air tag on tongue. Meanwhile 2 decade without any change this was considered best retro. The year 2013, Air Jordan 1 again released with Nike Air branding and lasted for 2 years.

Finally in 2015, there was a true Chicago 1 fashion having Nike Air labeling on tongue and no jumpman silhouette. Once again they are re-imagining Chicago Jordan 1 on 29 October 2022.

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About Air Jordan 1 Chicago:

The level of Air Jordan exclusivity compare to other footwear, is the number one reason for its popularity. Chicago Jordan has two release, “Low” & “High“. Undoubtedly both are top of the rack, have no comparison with others. The Jordan is made up with high quality of material like genuine leather upper & high synthetic rubber for midsole and outsole.

With that people just astonish and feel the look of this high quality product with some extra comfort & durability for sure. Furthermore the buyer has options of distinctive colorways and styles to choose with their preference.

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Jordan 1 High Chicago:

Jordan 1 Chicago high has almost one inch high “calf”. Calf is basically the slightly increase of edge over. It offers lateral stability & support to the ankles. The only difference between high & low is height of upper part of shoe.

Along with high, low were released at first, but only Jordan 1 Chicago high got the popularity. Nike still make high & low, both have same design and colorways. There’s a difference between prices, as high is a bit expensive than other because of preference. High was the one Michelle Jordan putted in the basketball court.

Jordan 1 Low:

On the other hand Low has no “calf”. Its same as the regular sneakers. It is less popular but still in selling because of the same design and stuff. One who likes Italian fashion for bottom, they use to buy the low Chicago. Just buy the usual size as both high & low go true to the size, the only difference is height of the upper part.

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Features of Chicago Jordan 1:

As we already know, inarguably Chicago Jordan 1 is a masterpiece of Nike. Besides quality, the design & the color combinations, they have just released are really attractive. Let’s count the characteristics of Jordan 1, and find out why these sneakers are so popular?


Nike nevertheless compromises on quality of product, their products are 100% original. Even so Air Jordan 1 Chicago is made up with high quality premium leather upper. Furthmore the synthetic rubber is been used in midsole & outsole. As a little increase in weight (not heavy sneakers) these original materials add strength and durability.


The thing really mater and Nike is been providing in Jordan since, is comfort. Providing extra comfort & support is still contributing to its popularity. Unlike other sneakers, having a soft tongue and padded ankle support, You can wear it for entire day, without having irritation and stiffness in your feet.

Chicago Air Jordan provides extra cushioning to relax your heels and prevent the plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. They provided small uniform breathable perforation/holes on toe, to allow the air flow. Having a wider area to accommodate wider feet, its surprisingly cozy despite of its rigid look.

Unique Style:

Nike always come up with unique designs, but since 1985, Jordan 1 Chicago is maintaining its uniqueness & still in enthusiasts desire. The consumers who want quality and style both at same time at low cost, respect these sneakers. If one see it once, its really hard to reject these sneakers because of its ultramodern look.

Jordan 1 Chicago has a such attractive design, even shoe has made for Basketball players. Still You can see people having separate age groups, cultures wear it with different outfits. Furthermore the celebrities, athletes sportsmen wear & recognize these shoes, which contributed to its popularity more.


The Chicago Jordan 1 has a wide bottom area having round patterns, give good traction. Along with the soft and flexible rubber sneakers offer good grip on floor as clean indoor area and dusty outdoor pavements.

Buy Air Jordan 1 Chicago:

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What is the price of Jordan 1?

Jordan 1 is re-releasing on 29th of October at the retail price $180. Retros has been selling for $210 up to $800 or more. The first Jordan was released in 1985 at price of $65.

Is Nike releasing Jordan 1 again?

The rumours about release of Jordan 1 again, has a expected release date now. The sources confirmed that “Chicago Reimagined” is going to happen on October 29th.

When did the Air Jordan 1 come out?

Chicago 1 was design by Peter Moore in 1984 and released in 1985 officially. Undoubtedly Jordan 1 is most desired sneaker under the Nike.

How much is Jordan 1 now?

Retail price of Chicago Jordan High is $180 and Low is selling for $100. The price difference is because of preference, as High is more preferred Jordan. On Amazon Nike is selling Chicago between $210 to $600, depend on design and colorways.

What shoes did Miles Morales wear?

Miles Morales wear the Nike Air Jordan 1 high being a spiderman.


Inarguably Chicago Jordan 1 considered to be one of the best Nike sneaker until now. Because of its unique design, high quality & affordable price still contributing to its popularity.

Furthermore the comfort & impressive appearance it has, always contribute to its selling. Despite of fact “Must have sneaker” Nike decided to release Jordan Chicago once again on October 29 this year.

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