Custom Air Force 1

Custom Air Force 1: Design Nike AF-1 For Youself

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I got custom designed Air Force 1 by Nike at retail price of $120. Are You also interested in getting Custom Air Force 1? Here comes a good news, You are no more stranger for Nike. You can design sneaker at Nike and get the same style with premium leather and all the features. But How? Let’s get started from the beginning.

About Air Force 1:

Air Force 1 was properly introduced in 1984 and designed by the Bruce Kilgore. Along with having a stylish look, it was the first ever shoe that had Nike Air technology. Although it has many retro and versions but the most common & highly sold were solid white & solid black.

As AF-1 is still high demand and not all AF-1 lovers go with the same colorway choice, Nike is offering a custom designed Air Force 1 for men & women both. Includes all the sizes low, mid & high on retail price and premium stuff. You can design completely yourself by choosing material e.g. premium leather or suede along with vamp color up to the Nike logo.

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Nike allows you make your own legacy by choosin premium leather or suede for any part of shoe. Select the rubber traction type & finishing. Design each and every part of shoe make unique look by joining them together. Furthermore choose your favorite colors to make a combo.

Along with designing, Nike allows you to change the back logo. You can replace the “Air” with any three characters. You can even choose different characters for left and right.

For bottom You have choice between solid or gum rubber sole. You either have a choice to opt Nike grind rubber made by scraps through footwear manufacturing process. All other same benefits with signature look.

  • Nike Air Technology installed for extra cushioning.
  • Padded Low cutt collar.
  • Foam midsole.
  • Perforation on toe.

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How to get perfect Custom Air Force 1?

Let’s start! How you can get a custom Nike AF-1. Just follow the link and You will be redirect to Nike official site. Follow the step by step guidelines to get a perfect sneaker.

Steps to get customize AF-1 sneakers:

  1. STEP 1> VERSION: At first step there’s number of low, mid and high version of AF-1 placed. First & second are pure blank, all others have customized design just for inspiration if you like it. If you want to design completely on your own, choose blank low or high, its up to you.
  2. STEP 2> GENDER & SIZE: On second step You have to choose the gender because of different feet size & and colorways. Secondly you will choose shoe size, as it goes true to size pick the usual size.

Start Designing:

  1. STEP 3> VAMP & TIP: This is the first step of sneaker customization, where You select the material premium leather or suede for vamp (upper front part of shoe). Below material selection there’re colorways to pick for vamp. The next step is to choose material and color for tip of shoe (left & right sided part of shoe). There’s amazing color collection to choose from e.g. white, sail, lime ice etc.
  2. STEP 4> QUARTER & SWOOSH: In this part you choose the material and color for quarter (side part of shoe). Pick a color such as royal blue, chile red, gym red etc. Swoosh is a big tick mark on left and right side of Nike Air Force 1. Pick the material and color for swoosh next to quarter.
  3. STEP 5> TONGUE TOP LABEL: In this step you just pick the tongue top label “Nike Air” color. There’re just 4 color combinations are available white/black, black/white, grey/black & sail/black.
  4. STEP 6> FOXING & BACKSTAY: In this step you pick the color and material for foxing (end part of shoe). Pick the color and material for back stay (part which runs on back side of shoe).
  5. STEP 7> TONGUE: Here you choose the material and color for shoe tongue, binding & lining. Keep in mind there’s less color options if you choose suede as material.
  6. STEP 8> EYESTAY & LACE: Choose leather or suede & color for eye stay (part where eyelets/lace holes are place). Furthermore choose the color for lace.
  7. STEP 9> MIDSOLE & OUTSOLE: Pick up the color for midsole & outsole of shoe. There’re two options solid & regrind outsole.
  8. STEP 10> BACK LOGO: Last step is to choose color for back “Nike Air” logo. Here’s a wonderful option, You can exchange “Air” with any other three charaters, individually for each shoe.

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How do I make a custom AF1?

Just go to the official Nike website, there You will have the option to design custom AF1. There you can change the material and color of each & every part of sneakers.

How much does it cost to design Air Force 1?

Custom Air Force 1 designing cost is about $120 for Low, $130 for Mid and $135 for High. Some of them are already uniquely customized which cost $140.

Will Nike discontinue Air Force 1?

Nike isn’t and will never discontinue AF-1, this isn’t only their popular & top selling sneaker but one of its signature design. Although company released the custom AF-1, so wearer can get their desired designs.

Where are Nike customs made?

Nike is spread-ed over 14+ countries, while holding 150 different manufacturing factories. But the of their sneakers are made in Vietnam, Indonesia & China.


AF-1 is already a classy yet stylish super comfortable sneaker. Furthermore its looks great with almost every outfits. Yet Nike allow you to customize Air Force 1 and get your desired color combo. I consider it one the best option to choose, to get the same premium sneaker while choosing the colorways of your choice.

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