Gypsy Jazz Shoe

Gypsy Jazz Shoes

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I got one of my favorite Gypsy Jazz Shoes in just $40, which is very much comfortable & elegant. I have been asked by friends, where did i get this and in what price? Today, On this post We will review & guide You about the things, You should know about the gypsy jazz shoes before purchasing it. At the end we have also mentioned some high quality Gypsies.

What are Gypsy Jazz Shoes?

Gypsy is special footwear brand like no other. Jazz shoes are worn by dancers. They are designed for dancing because it contract with floor and have strong grip. Gypsy was the traditional fashion used by the south Asian originated group. Now the gypsy jazz shoes were redesigned into the market.

It captured the high space in the market because of its new stylish look and comfort. Jazz shoes are perfect choice for either causal, classy or formal look. You can enjoy it with almost every type of cloth, either shorts or jeans. Gypsy are actually slip on shoes (without lace or less lace), which you can wear & take off more easily.

They just have soft cushioned sole, which gives extra relation to the feet. They are actually lightweight & goes fit to the size. If you want to wear socks with them or like to enjoy without socks, it will just suits you, and doesn’t bother your feet.

On some extent it became a fashion, because its super comfy, eye catchy and light weight shoe. As the great dancers wearing it on dancing floor it is being used for parties & becomes more and more trending. But the question is, which color and brand of gypsy jazz shoes you should have & where to get it?

Who made it? Gypsy Jazz shoes made by the company “VeryG Footwear” in USA. Its one of the popular shoe design in USA. VeryG and Gypsy Jazz are same company, where VeryG is parent company & Gypsy Jazz is subsidiary. Now there’re numerous other companies who make these shoes such as Hey Dude.

If you are thinking How do Gypsy Jazz shoes fit or do they run small? Gypsy shoes run true to size. If You use socks mostly or have a foot size in-between e.g. 6.5, just go for the larger size like 7, so the shoe don’t run small.

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Gypsy Women’s Shoes:

Yes Gypsy shoes are available for women. There’s a variety of lady’s gypsy shoes collection online. But below I will mention the some of best shoes for you, that are specially made & designed for females. As women have different choices on color and styles so there’re separate list of shoes for women.

There’s also a design for women called Gypsy Booties. Its same as causal Jazz but has “calf” (a part of shoe rise above the ankle), sometimes furry calf.

Gypsy Men’s Shoes:

Gypsy collection also have amazing unique designs for men. Especially when it comes to dance floors and party, most of the men prefer to wear gypsy because its comfy and the trending fashion. There’s a lot of gypsy shoes with real men colors. Some of them are unisex shoes which can be wear by both the women as well as men. Their colorways and designs are unisex.

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Features of Gypsy Shoes:

You may be wondering what to consider while buying Gypsy Jazz Shoes or what are their key characteristics that separate it from other shoes. With it unique style they are super comfortable and long lasting shoe. Below we discussed the characteristics of the shoe.


Comfort is most important thing when it comes to getting shoes. If the shoe isn’t comfortable and prick your feet, you may not stand for long specially comfortably. Uncomfortable shoe even lose your confidence. When it comes to comfort Gypsy Shoe, its very much comfortable.

As its outsole & insole is made up with flexible soft rubber, which gives relax and soothing feeling to the feet. Furthermore they provide cushion to relax your heel.

Shock Absorbing:

Shock absorbing is the major important part because if the outsole or foot bed is not a shock absorber, it will directly hit your feet, bones & spinal cord. Ultimately it will give you pain & sore in your body. Gypsy Jazz Shoe is quiet fine in shock absorbing, that won’t make you feel tired.

Cushioned midsole:

Cushioned midsole is the a soft part between insole & outsole, it gives comfort and prevent the feet to feel hard and sharp surface. There isn’t cushioned midsole physically in Gypsy Jazz Shoes, but still good shoes to feel relax on flat surface.

Slip resistant:

Is gypsy slip resistant? Of course yes, Gypsy Jazz Shoes is slip resistant, because its bottom/outsole is made up with thick rubber with having tread pattern on it, which gives slip resistance.

Wedge sole:

Gypsy jazz has wedge sole, so it has more contact with ground and distribute the stress smoothly on feet. Wedge sole is designed for flat surface so your feet can contact with broader area. It helps and provide comfort in dancing.


If we talk about the material of Gypsy Jazz Shoes, its outsole & insole is made up with a rubber, which is really flexible. Its top is made up with canvas which is hard enough but light in weight. So ultimately you are having a best composition of having comfy sole with canvas top & light weight shoe.


The brand name shows the worth & the quality of a product. A broad brand will never compromise on quality so the product will be worthy. As Very G design and manufacture Gypsy shoes, it goes with best quality, because the brand invest millions in research & technology to produce its products. You can buy gypsy shoes on wholesale from this website.

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Gypsy Jazz Shoes Cheetah:

Cheetah print is one of the most adorable and unique design of Gypsy Jazz shoes is. It has the same material used and has yellowish color with black dots on it. The look of print is same like the leopard skin. It has another variety of white top color with black dots, it also give a stylish appearance.

Gypsy Jazz Shoe Leopard Print:

Gypsy having leopard print is one of the most fascinating design both for the males & females as well. Just Imagine the light golden or yellowish color having black dots over it. It give the same look as of leopard skin. They are same comfy size & shape with soft insole & cushion, plus white outsole with same knot lace.

Gypsy Jazz Cow Print:

The more astonishing, the more unique design is having a cow print gypsy shoe. It has the pure white undercoat while having black dots or sometimes brown pattern on it. It has a really classic look having white bottom with the same knot lace.

Pink Gypsy Jazz Shoes:

Gypsy shoe looks awesome in holly pink & regular pink. If you are woman I prefer you to get a pink one. You will love the pink shoe with white platform with matching white knotted lace on your shorts or jeans. It also has other patched designs with black and buffalo prints and easy on off feature. They are lightweight with foam cushion, which is more comfy.

Gypsy Jazz tie dye Shoes:

Tie dying is the process of transformation of plain shoes into colorful designs. When it comes to gypsy jazz there are many dyed varieties of gypsy selling online. They give a unique look, because every shoe has a separate dyed pattern & color. Although you can dye it yourself, just buy a plain gypsy and apply the wet dying method to have your favorite custom color.

Gypsy Jazz Shoes Black:

Black is all time favorite color in Jazz shoes not for males just, but females also. Because you can wear black Gypsy with every combination of cloths. As Gypsy has amazing designs in black color such as plain black with pure white knot lace, black with leopard print, black with cow print and many other unique colorful pattern over black.

Gypsy Jazz Shoes Aztec:

Aztec is different unique pattern design on Jazz shoes. These pattern give it more and more fancy look. Aztec is really adorable design to wear with jean and skirts. There’re just hundreds of Aztec designs available on internet & you can have one of your choice.

Gypsy Jazz Grey Shoes:

A grey color of Jazz shoe with white outer sole and white knot laces give an appealing look. It offer level of style, comfort & versatility that other causal colors can’t match. Pair them with jeans for an astonishing casual look or dress them with suit for causal business style.

Gypsy Jazz Shoes Wholesale:

Do You know where to buy Gypsy shoes in wholesale? There are many gypsy wholesale marketplace is near you. In the United states there is a Faire, Very G Footwear & Ali Baba. They are considered best marketplace for gypsy. They have numerous designs, styles and patterns of gypsy. Here You will find different independent wholesale vendors, Who have different design of gypsy and you can compare the price & products.

Gypsy Jazz Shoes Websites: (Who sells it)

If you already decided to buy gypsy shoes, but still confuse, which stores sell Gypsy shoes? Actually there are many who are selling the same shoes but not everyone has the same design that we mentioned above. Here’s the list of stores where you can buy it online, but we want you to buy it from the above amazon link, on which we made a research.

  1. Very G Footwear
  2. Gypsy Ranch Boutique
  3. Posh Mark
  4. 512 Boutique
  5. Faire
  6. Glitzy Lou Boutique
  7. Esty
  8. Amazon

Gypsy Jazz Shoes on Amazon:

If You are willing to buy but don’t know where to buy Gypsy Jazz Shoes. Let me help You with different designs, so you could get one of your choice. There are many Gypsy shoes on Our Amazon Affiliate Store with laces and slip on shoes.

There’re reviews on items by different people, so you can pick easily the best one. Checkout some of the best gypsy shoes below and buy one of your choice. If You would like to see more designs have look into Our Store.

Grey Gypsy

Dark Gypsy

Aztec Gypsy


Are Gypsy shoe washable/How to clean them?

Yes, Gypsy shoe are washable. You can wash it with hand gently with dish detergent and leave them to dry. (Don’t put them in washing machine or dryer. Don’t place them directly onsunlight, the color will fade out.


Above we have review and write almost everything about the gypsy shoes. On Feature section you can read about the the material, designs, brand etc. By following the writeup you will be able to shop best Gypsy for yourself.

Although Ethic Shoe already mentioned the link of top gypsies & Amazon store, so there’s no hassle to find it on Internet. Have a easy shopping and give your review in the comment section, even if You have any query or suggestion related to the post, You are most welcome.

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