Tear Away Air Force 1

Tear Away Air Force 1: Nike Women AF1 Tear-Away

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Do You know! Tear away Air Force 1 is more likely a customizable sneaker. This edition hides the colorful upper inside a white thin layer of textile. Upon removal of following protective layers, the colorful spectrum of premium leather came into light.

Certainly sneakers loose their shine and get fade out. Everyone prefer to keep their sneaker look like new till the end. But absolutely Nike offer some best sneaker that even look better with time. Nike Tear Away has a feature to revel its better colors over time.

About Tear-Away Air Force 1:

Tear away Air Force 1 women was the first ever customizable “Tear Away” sneaker released by Nike. Having a customizable upper, a colorful spectrum hidden inside the thin white layer. There’s guidance inside the box & caution “tear here” on upper, about how to remove the protective layer.

Tear-away can be wear as it is, if You get bore with white color. You have an option to just remove the layer and enjoy the colors. All the elements of silhouette, separately covered, so you can choose where to keep it white and colorful. The sneaker follows the signature design with the same upper linings & question marks on insole.

The release of Tear away AF1 on 27th of May 2020 at price of $110. After a huge arise in selling the price also rose to $150 to $300 at reseller market. Including a small cutter and guidelines, help the wearer to uncover the thin layer and reveal the premium lather underneath, that look likes hand painted multicolored shoe e.g. red, green, orange, blue etc.

Nike Air Force 1 Reveal, stays true to the signature style 1982 and upper linings, so don’t however accidentally cut the leather. Don’t use the sand paper, lighter or knife to rip off the leather. The shoe lace tip has the “Tear here” text, so start from there, use the guidelines.

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Tear Away Air Force 1 Fauna Brown:

Don’t be worried, if your sneaker’s top layer is removing slowly. Thats tear away feature of Nike Air Force 1. Ultimately the white upper slowly tear off and reveal the new color spectrum underneath. If you can’t wait or want the new style right away, just remove it yourself and you will see the colorful premium leather.

Revealed Air Force 1 “Pastel”:

Tear Away AF1 Pastel has more eye catching, hiding multicolor underneath as compare to predecessor. Premium leather having lime, yellow and light brown color, gives more exclusive appearance.

Although buying all-white sole unit of tear away pastel is riddle for wearer to make is custom style. It was release on 2nd June at the retail price of $110.

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How to Tear Air Force 1?

Below we are placing a small video for guidance on how and where to tear it off? If you still don’t get it, go through YouTube, you will find detail videos.

Tear Off AF1

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Buy Tear-Away Air Force 1 on Amazon:

Rose in sell make shortage of sneaker and increase the reselling price. Buy original Nike Tear-Away Af1 on Amazon.


How much does the Air Force tear away?

The release of tear away AF1 was on 27 May 2020 throughout the USA & Europe, and the retail price was $110.

What are the peel off air forces called?

Peel off Air Force, the real name is “Tear Away Air Force 1“, is mysterious sneaker having multicolor underneath.

What are the tear away Nike shoes called?

Nike tear away shoes that was released on 27 May are called Air Force 1 “tear away”.

How do Nike tear aways work?

There a cutter inside the packaging & guidelines. Furthermore start tearing from the text “tear here” written on tip of shoe laces. When you will remove the white upper layer, the multicolors will reveal.

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