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Yeezy Slippers: Buy Adidas Yeezy Slides

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You can’t deny the Adidas & Kanye west Yeezy Slippers are high in demand. Of course Yes! that are super comfortable & affectionate slip on sandal made up with Eva Foam at price of $27. As always We brought up prefect Adidas Yeezy Slippers, that are worth buying, at affordable price.

What is Adidas Yeezy Slippers?

Adidas Yeezy slippers are lightweight slip-on style footwear, that are easy to on & off. Yeezy slipper was released on December 2019, by the collaboration of Adidas & Kanye west. Since the release they are highly demand product, especially in summers. whilst the aficionados are always eagerly waiting for designs & colorways.

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These open toe slippers are produce with soft Eva foam, and the footbed and outsole offers extra comfort and cushioning. It has wide fabric strap over with hook & fastener or some slides are made up with same foam as single monolithic piece. With the durable & highted sole, You can use it for outdoor.

The yeezy slippers retail price goes from $18 up to the $42 following the designs and stuff. In Adidas market these slippers are the cheapest but its high demand and fast selling led many Adidas fans to buy it from the reseller market. Visit our Amazon Affiliate store to buy the original Adidas slipper at retail price.

Adidas Yeeezy Slides
Adidas Yeeezy Slides

Features of Yeezy Slippers:

Yeezy slip on series become the most popular Adidas footwears. In summers the demand goes more higher as the shoe has many feature, although its being called futuristic slides. Let just talk about its characteristics and extract why are they so popular.


Adidas never disappoint its fans & consumers on comfort when it comes to footwear. Every time they come up with something new. Same for this slip on slippers, from the outsole to the upper, Kanye provided the best comfort design.

The footbed is a really soft and cushioned provide the wider space, following the upper with single strap holds your feet. One of the footwear is divided into two parts. The footbed and the upper. Upper is design with fabric having hook & fastener, while the other design is entirely produce in one piece with Eva foam.


The material used to manufacture Yeezy slippers, is Eva Foam. Its a soft expanded rubber used to make padding of shoes. Eva provides good glossy and clarity over surface. While remaining strong, it also possess water proof and crack resistance properties.


Providing soft & comfy footbed, Yeezy slippers goes true to size.Whilst the unisex footwear, read the reviews there and order the regular size to fit.


There’re a number of unisex colorways and designs in slip-on slides such as black & red are top selling. The color combination of black with white stripes, red with white stripes give really sophisticated look. On other hands the yeezy slides are also available in entire one color.

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Yeezy slippers for men:

As yeezy slippers are unisex footwear but there’s many designs and colorways that are released for men. Such as brown, black, grey “pure” and “core”, both are available for men. The designs having a contrast stripe are actually men item. The size goes true to size for men.

Yeezy slippers for women:

Adidas has a wide range of yeezy slippers color variety for women. Such as dash grey, lilac, white, link, desert sand, hazy rose are released for women especially. They are lightweight super comfortable footwear, you can use it indoor as well as outdoor.

Buy Original Yeezy Slippers:

Where to buy Yeezy slipper? If you decided to buy the yeezy slipper, lets shop with us and have original Adidas product at retail price. Below we mentioned some of best designs of yeezy slippers, You can choose one of your choice. Or just go through Our Amazon Affiliate Store, We have placed 20+ original Adidas Slippers.


Final verdict, no doubt Yeezy slipper is super cozy high quality footwear. You can use it indoor as well as outdoors because of its stylish look. Adidas slippers are in high demand because of its comfort and the material been used in, is durable. The groove provide at bottom of outsole give an extra comfort as well slip resistant.We already listed some top selling slippers, so can make an original purchase.

If you have any query or suggestion related to the post, feel free to comment below or knock Us at email. If you already bought one, just share your experience below for more people to know about it.

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